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In remote villages – where resources are limited and local people rely on traditional medicine – ‘health literacy’ can arm people with information to prevent disease, make healthy choices and improve their quality of life.

We use microscopes and other tools to teach communities about germs, water and sanitation,

and the advantages of mosquito nets. The basics of western medicine are shared using local language,

in ways that everyone can engage with, and enjoy.

Since Positive Aid established its Health Literacy program, we have trained more than 1,000 ‘Ambassadors’ to share vital information with their communities. Through advocacy outreaches and microscopy sessions, the faces of old and young alike brighten as they learn the basics that can change their lives.  And every day more and more people are building latrines, hand-washing facilities and implementing mozzie nets to prevent malaria.

You can help us do more by coming on board and supporting our life-changing work!

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