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Soil dirt on hands

We’d like to shout out to all of the mums out there! It’s time to recognise and celebrate all the amazing women around the world who gave us life. It’s time to appreciate their stories, and the challenges they’ve worked through in order to keep us well and happy. For mothers give so much – for their children but also for their communities – they have vision and an instinct to better things always, and they do!

Mothers’ experiences are vast, and unfortunately in Kenya there can be much grief associated with their journey, as rates of maternal and child sickness and death are alarming. Positive Aid works with local people in Uranga and Boro to empower women and help them stay healthy and well – especially during pregnancy and early motherhood. Because of our projects, more births are safe, and less babies are entering the world with HIV. We salute our team in Kenya who are achieving this, and we salute every mum out there!

For those of you who have ever wanted to support a charity that is making a real difference, please visit our site and sign up to support and continue making this world a better place.


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