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Join our regular giving program and a make a truly sustainable difference to people’s lives.
Choose from the following options, or enter your own amount and become part of incredible change!  

All donations are 100% tax deductible

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Help us deliver essentials to the most vulnerable people in Kenya, including soap, food and information about HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, Covid-19

and jiggers.

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Provide women in remote villages with antenatal education, safe birthing, and newborn support to help them and their babies thrive.


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Sponsor regular outreaches that bring vital health information and skills to people in remote areas.  Focus on germs, safe water and mozzie nets!

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Support community health workers to reach people with HIV – equip our tireless volunteers with the essentials, including medications, communication and regular upskilling

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Provide emergency relief – tins of maize in the hunger season, school uniforms to kids with HIV, a trip to hospital for someone too sick to sit on a bicycle – the ways to help are endless and unique to the situations we find.


 Your gift goes a long way in helping us make a difference. 

Choose your own amount and let us do the work!

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