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HIV/AIDS is a disaster in Africa. Its sickness, mortality/orphan rate, and resulting poverty continue to devastate families and communities. Positive Aid works to empower people from the very grass roots: to prevent the spread of HIV, and care for and support those already living with the disease.

Positive Aid tests and counsels people so they may know their HIV status. We provide first aid to the sick, connect them to treatment, and promote awareness while fighting stigma for stronger, more unified communities.

Since establishing our first project in 2007 (known as 'Positive Aid' since 2008), we have cared for over 10,000 clients – helping them get back on their feet, and their families back on track. People now openly discuss HIV/AIDS, and there is far greater understanding amongst communities. Rather than being marginalised by the disease, people with HIV are able to advocate consciousness and actively build a stronger future for all.

Having achieved outstanding results, Positive Aid is now looking to expand activities to neighbouring areas in Western Kenya. To make this happen, please come on board and support our life-changing work!

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