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Our board is made up of dedicated and inspiring individuals who share a strong

commitment to making a positive difference to the world through our work in Africa. 

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Jess founded Positive Aid in 2008, in response to various needs she perceived in remote Kenya. She has lived and worked extensively in the area, and brings a unique understanding of the African context. Jess also holds a Masters in International Development.

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Louise has over twenty-five years' experience in high-level management and administration, including Government and NGOs.

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Kellie has worked across Africa, Asia and the Pacific with NGOs, Government agencies and the UN. She holds a Masters in International Development and specialises in health program management.

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Alice has thirty years' experience in cross-cultural communication and health education, particularly in Indigenous Australia. She is also a midwife and remote area nurse, with a PhD in Public Health.

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Helen has qualifications and a wealth of experience in community development and social science, ranging from being Mayor and Councillor in Nillumbik Shire Council, holding positions in committees and being a Fellow of the FAICD.

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Keira is a communications specialist with a ten-year background in publishing. She is passionate about community development through the effective use of story-telling, marketing and communication to bridge cross-cultural gaps in understanding that creates lasting social change.

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Eleisha is a qualified graphic designer specialising in branding, publication and UI design. She uses her uniquely illustrative style to develop a range of innovative outcomes for a variety of clients.



Elise is a medical doctor based in the Northern Territory, training as a GP obstetrician. She is passionate about cross-cultural communication and remote Aboriginal healthcare. She is complementing her clinical work by studying a Masters of Public Health.


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Caleb has founded and operated several Melbourne-based businesses, including ESD consultancy firm, Green Rate, which he continues to run. He holds a degree in Business, (Entrepreneurship).

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Ruby is studying a Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University and has a keen interest in grassroot societal change.  She has volunteered in Australia, Guatemala and with Positive Aid in Kenya.

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Lilian has worked as an educator for more than thirty years, in the public sector as well as in a private consultant capacity. She has been involved with Positive Aid since its inception, while supporting various other organisations which provide international development aid.

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