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MATERNAL Newborn &

Women – especially mothers – play a vital role in Africa. They not only nurture children but care for the sick, dig the fields to produce food, run households and act as the social gel connecting people in their villages. We focus on empowering women to look after themselves: particularly during pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood; times when they are both most vulnerable, and most powerful.

We provide delivery kits and transport for safe birthing at health facilities; pregnancy clubs that share vital information and referrals; promotion of antenatal clinics, and support in breastfeeding.  By bringing women together and building their capacities, we help babies thrive and whole communities to benefit.

Positive Aid has established Pregnancy Clubs throughout our project areas in remote Western Kenya, where hundreds of women attend every month. Through our interventions, countless babies have been born free from HIV, despite their mothers carrying the virus. As we work towards a future free from poverty and HIV, we invite you to come on board and support our life-changing work!

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