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Some great recent photos from our Maternal Newborn and Child Health stakeholder meetings with staff from the Kenyan Ministry of Health. These can often be very large and less targeted meetings, but these were small, specific and health facility based, attended by the most relevant MOH officials to discuss our MNCH program.

The intention is to build connection, understanding and trust between the Kenyan Ministry of Health and our project. Particular focus was on the post-natal aspects of birth, and to gain their support in sharing information on when women have birthed in their facilities. It is critical that our staff visit mums and babies as soon as possible after birth. This is made easier if MOH facility staff alert our MNCH officer, Coni when a baby has been born so she can plan the home visits. Her aim is within 7 days after birth in order to provide the most support and to identify danger signs in time.

Connecting face to face like this, rather than via phone or email, is hugely effective and respectful towards MOH staff. Thus they are more ready to help us in this vital work. You can see the smiles and engagement between the teams – this is great community development right here!


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