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Soil dirt on hands

Positive Aid is now piloting new activities targeting women – providing them with reusable sanitary pads. We are initially giving the ‘kits’ to new mothers, right after they give birth when there is a specific and real need. Commercial pads are not an option for most women due to poverty, so this intervention has the power to make a significant impact. Not only will the pads help women manage lochia; they will also reduce dangerous infections, as women will not have to resort to

unhygienic alternatives.

Briege has led a new collaboration between Positive Aid, Days for Girls, and Stitch – NGOs involved in the production and distribution of the reusable pads. The pads are easy to use, wash and dry. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and – as an added bonus – are beautifully hand-sewn in African fabrics. Initial feedback from the women who have used them has been exciting and positive!

Future possibilities include providing the pads to girls too – with the aim of empowering them to remain independent and improve their school attendance throughout every month. Special thanks go to Briege and the people at Days for Girls, and Stitch.


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