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Soil dirt on hands

Our Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Officer Connie is a local woman from Uranga. She is passionate about helping women and children, and has four kids herself. Starting out as a community health worker in our project ten years ago, Connie quickly displayed great leadership qualities, eye for detail and a drive to make positive change. In 2012 when we introduced our MCH program, we naturally put Connie in charge of activities. Since then she has worked tirelessly with children, parents and carers, pregnant women and new mothers – facilitating small and large groups, connecting people in health care settings, visiting needy clients at home, and reporting on the successes and challenges in the field. We have supported Connie through several trainings to build her capacity and confidence in her role, including sending her to Uganda for a specialised course, and more recently to Kisumu for training by the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Thanks to our project and Connie’s dedication, hundreds of women have given birth safely in health facilities, and countless babies have been able to thrive.


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