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Soil dirt on hands

To all of our friends and followers, in the history of Positive Aid we have never had such a critical situation. Once again we are reaching out to our community in a plea for your support. Since our successful flood campaign helped hundreds of pregnant women, new mothers and babies caught in the Uranga flood crisis, the waters have receded. Everyone has left the primary school camps and returned home. However, “home” is mud huts damaged beyond repair and people are now living in tents. Once a “bread basket”, this area is going hungry as crops were completely destroyed. Many of the pregnant women we originally helped have now given birth, and food is the most critical issue for them – especially the nutrition of breast-feeding mums. With your help we will source nutritious grains, grind them at local posho mills to support village economies, and provide flour to families. This is not welfare, instead it is an emergency one-off boost to avert disaster and give people the chance to live.

Pregnant women are also walking hours to their antenatal clinics, but because of the global pandemic, they are being turned away by hospital “watchmen” if they don't have face masks. It is a small miracle when a pregnant woman even makes it to antenatal, and we are dismayed to see things go backwards after working so hard to empower women in Uranga. Positive Aid will work with 10 watchmen across Uranga to allow any women with “fat tummies” past security to go directly to our maternal child health officer, Connie. She will then provide them with masks so they can receive treatment and necessary supplies. With your support we will provide washable face masks and supplies so women and their unborn children are protected.

Again, we cannot thank our Positive Aid community enough for the support they have already provided in the ongoing flood crisis. While floods and disease may be out of our hands, providing essential assistance is not – the help we provide now is needed more than ever and will change the course of these people's lives.


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