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Soil dirt on hands

This year we were fortunate to have three volunteer representatives travel to Kenya. Long-term committee members Alice Mitchell and myself, Jess Alvarez, presented a strong partnership, complementing each other’s strengths across many areas. We were joined by Briege Young – a midwife from New Zealand – who came to assist in maternal and child health: areas in which she possesses wonderful experience and passion.

Our trip spanned around three weeks and we were based in Uranga – spending evenings at a local parish and walking to the project offices each day. We carried out a number of important checks to ensure activities and finances are being properly managed, and spent much time connecting with stakeholders at different levels to attain feedback on progress being made in the project overall. We met with community health workers, clients, management and board members, as well as other key people from the Kenya Ministry of Health and local organisations.

The three of us gained a great deal of insight into current issues in the project, and devised various ways to tackle challenges and seize opportunities. We strengthened the important relationships already in place with our partner organisations, and returned to Australia motivated to continue supporting the amazing things happening on the ground in Kenya. Thanks to Alice and Briege for their input and for volunteering their time to accompany me on this trip.

Jess Alvarez


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