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Soil dirt on hands

‘Jiggers’ (tunga penetrans) are a kind of flea common to Central and South America as well as

Positive Aid recently supported an expedition to the offices of NGO ‘Management Sciences for Health’, in Kakamega, Western Kenya. They are doing some great work in Maternal and Child Health and we took the opportunity to connect – sharing experiences and the lessons learned in best practices are invaluable in the NGO world, as they help to boost all organisations’ work for the benefit of the people they serve.

We sponsored our two Maternal and Child Health officers Connie and Hellen, along with three of our local management, Mordecai, Martin and Peter to take part. The trip gave them the chance to discover and be motivated to continue striving in their activities. In response to what was shared, we plan to produce some new picture-based materials to use in empowering pregnant women in our project throughout Uranga and Boro.


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