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Soil dirt on hands

After starting off under the umbrella and mentorship of URDI CBO, Boro Rural Development Initiative (BRDI) CBO is now independently partnering with Positive Aid. Peter is the full time manager in Boro and has led his team over the last few years, supporting and guiding workers and volunteers alike to develop a strong work ethic and commitment to the cause. We rent a small office in Boro town, where meetings are conducted and records kept. Peter works alongside a part-time employee, Elizabeth, who assists with administration.

During our recent trip to Kenya, we attended BRDI’s first ever board meeting. Five members were selected to represent the organisation, each bringing unique strengths and experience to the board:

Moses Ochiel – Chairperson and NGO expert

Ingrid Moraa – Nurse with the Kenyan Ministry of Health

Peter Yuya – Local Chief

Peter Ouma – BRDI Manager

Charles Onyango – Community Health Volunteer, BRDI

It was an honour to participate in the meeting, and to witness these important leaders come together with the shared vision of leading BRDI and its work to empower their community in Boro.


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