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Soil dirt on hands

A ‘boda boda’ is a taxi – a few years ago they used to be bicycles, but these days the majority are motorbikes. The young guys that take up boda boda riding are usually paid a daily rate by the bike owner, as buying one is out of reach for most young Kenyans. They get by with a little cash,

ferrying people to and from towns, markets, village homes and hospitals.

COVID-19 has made everyone nervous, especially boda boda riders who need to continue their work to survive. Positive Aid has identified particular groups of people that are especially vulnerable to the virus, and is working to protect and empower them. We are giving boda boda riders soap, face masks and the right information to stay safe during this time. Other people we’re helping include older people, clients with HIV and our own volunteer Community Health Workers. The community has been so thankful for what we’ve given them, as it’s making a tangible and positive impact on

their lives.


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