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Soil dirt on hands

‘Jiggers’ (tunga penetrans) are a kind of flea common to Central and South America as well as

Sub-Saharan Africa. They commonly infect the soles of peoples’ feet in our project area, where animals can live in close quarters to villagers – jiggers can cause terrible discomfort and affect people’s ability to go about their daily work and lives. Unsafe village practices of removing the jiggers without proper sterilization also pose serious risks of infection.

Positive Aid supported Boro Project Manager Peter, to lead a jigger campaign in his Division.

With the help of our Boro Community Health Workers, Peter mobilised a large part of the population including Chiefs and other key leaders. The aim was to treat local kids and adults who were infected with jiggers, and also teach people about how to avoid infection in future. The day was a great success and we congratulate Peter and the Health Workers for their efforts in helping

their community.


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