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Soil dirt on hands

World AIDS Day is held every year on 1st December. It aims to raise awareness in communities and around the world about HIV/AIDS. It is a day for people to show their support for those living with HIV, and to remember all those who have passed away from AIDS. HIV/AIDS has had a massive impact in Kenya, and it is naturally close to our hearts. Almost all of our Community Health Workers (CHWs) are HIV positive – they are not however victims; instead they are triumphant in their health and pillars of strength in their villages.

Positive Aid supported a team of our CHWs to travel to World AIDS Day celebrations in a nearby town – to give our project presence and strengthen their connections with other like-minded organisations. And of course to celebrate! Since we started our project twelve years ago, our CHWs have supported over 12,000 HIV-positive clients. Through our work they empower the most marginalised people living with HIV/AIDS, so that they can lead full and healthy lives, and their children can be born free of HIV. We salute these amazing CHWs!


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