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Soil dirt on hands

Sub-Saharan Africa deals with more than its share of day-to-day trials. Perhaps that is one reason its people are so strong. Positive Aid remains central to supporting communities in Uranga and Boro Divisions. These poor and remote areas of Kenya are terribly afflicted by HIV/AIDS, poverty and maternal and child mortality – issues we’ve been tackling for years.

This work is complex and demanding at the best of times…

Enter COVID-19. Like so many organisations worldwide, our team in Kenya has had to adjust its activities in accordance with new governmental restrictions, while continuing to reach those most vulnerable. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been busy distributing emergency sanitisation and launching information campaigns to protect their own people.

Enter endless rains that break the banks of a major nearby river. Hundreds of people have been

forced into makeshift camps as their homes fill with dirty water and essential crops are destroyed.

These camps have been set up in local primary schools on higher (drier) land, but the men, women and children are not safe.


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